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     A manufacturing and construction company, ART PAK LLC, offers: wood houses, bathhouses, restaurants, hotels, large-span structures, Fachwerk style buildings, complex building systems of highest quality glued laminated lumbers. This allows us to compete in the Ukrainian and foreign markets.

     Currently, we produce wall beams of 12 meter length along with other products for bearing, guarding, and architectural structures of 12 х 1.2 х 0.25 meter dimensions. For production of glued laminated lumbers, mature and quality pines are used growing in Rivne Region of Ukraine.

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     Why more and more people prefer to build wooden houses of glued laminated lumbers:

     1. People want to live in environmentally safe houses:

- there is no other construction material creating such positive and healthy microclimate for a human being and his/her life activity;

- wooden house of glued laminated lumbers ensure self-regulation of air humidity within since wood has unique ability to support stable humidity in the range of 45 to 55 % that is optimal for a human organism;

- walls of wooden houses made of lumbers absorb toxic and harmful substances, such as cigarette smoke, formaldehydes, etc.;

- antistatic property of wood prevents accumulation of electrical charges on dust particles, so dust is not suspended in the air but settles down, and we do not breath it in. For people suffering allergic diseases, a wooden house is the most nice dwelling.

     2. Natural appearance and texture of wood make you feel comfortable and undisturbed.

     3. Construction of a wooden house requires no "wet" operations, so it does not depend on a season.

     4. Using glued laminated lumbers for the construction allows to reduce construction terms thanks to high grade of component manufacture.

     5. Wood is light, as compared with other construction materials, so it allows to save money by making less massive foundations.

     6. Making a brick house aseismic requires arrangement of reinforced concrete frames and booms, while houses of glued laminated lumbers are highly aseismic with no additional arrangements.

     7. Houses of glued laminated lumbers have also a number of advantages as compared with those built of solid blocks (rounded logs or squared beams):


6 arguments for you to place an order for a wooden house with us:

     1) we depend on ourselves only – the complete production cycle for houses of glued laminated lumbers (from sawing logs and till building a house) make it possible to control quality at every workflow step and meet terms of contractual obligations;

     2) we a free in selection of design concepts – having modern equipment, professional tools, and software at our disposal, we have virtually endless variety of building and structure design versions to select from;

     3) we design only for you personally – a house, like a lounge suit or a robe, is interesting by its individuality. When designing a house of glued laminated lumbers, we would both offer our versions and take into consideration every your wish;

     4) we build of what we produce ourselves – it is no good if the work performer may blame his/her predecessor in any failure (a painter blames the plasterer who, in turn, blames the bricklayer);

     5) we are open in calculation wooden house costs – we do not deliver excessive materials to the building site. You must pay for used materials only, because we use special licensed software for designing allowing us to plan the quantity and reasonable optimization of the materials used.

     6) we are a dynamic company – our experts learn and implement permanently innovations appearing in the woodworking and construction industries;