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     Our company offers a wooden house building kit made according to work papers. Since all the kit components are made ready for use, you have not to pay for wastes after trimming everything at the building site. The advantages of factory-made kits are evident. Components manufactured using professional, stationary equipment, meeting all the technological process requirements, are of high quality and precision, require no trimming when being assembled and thus allowing to reduce time required for their assembling at the site.


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     One more important thing is absence of "wet" operations in the wooden house building process, as opposed, for example, to that of a brick house. In case of the foundation having been prepared before severe cold would come, a wooden house may be built in winter. Wooden houses of glued lumbers may be built all the year round, but erection of such a house in winter, with no negative factors, offers the advantage of possibility to use spring and summer for finishing, installing any engineering equipment in the house and on the homestead, and improvement of the latter.

     While wooden house weight is several times lower as compared to a brick one allowing to arrange lighter foundation, it is worth to note that building a wooden house of glued lumbers require more strict following its geometric parameters, both vertical and horizontal dimensions.
While building, for example, of bricks allows to correct vertical inaccuracies with mortar, laying the first row of logs requires quite plane foundation surface (within 5 mm tolerance) to prevent any slackness or deflection impacting wall assembling tightness.


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     The ART PAK LLC company's attitude to production of building kits and building of wooden houses is quite professional:

• professionals are carefully selected by their professional skills and attitude to prevention of foul-ups and the rules of behavior at the building site;

• the most modern and quality fasteners, paint-and-lacquer materials are used in the building process;

• the assembling teams are provided with professional tools of leading manufacturers;

• the assembling technology process and quality compliance with provided design documents are controlled by our engineering personnel.