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     Fachwerk (from German Fach, section, and Werk, structure) is a kind of building structure, a house of pine wood lumbers consisting of a system of piles, cross stays, girders, and bindings. This is one of the most ancient building structures. Beams are visible from both outside and inside of the building thus making the building looking more peculiar. In the past, the space between beams was filled with wattle and daub materials, bricks, and sometimes with wood, too. This is building classics. Thousands of such houses built in Europe several hundred years ago are still in use. Houses and temples of ancient East were built just this way.

Fachwerk House in Germany Built in 1556

Dom v Germanii

     In modern Fachwerk houses, the space between beams is filled with guarding elements including efficient heat insulation and glass packs.

     A modern Fachwerk house is a combination of energy saving technologies and modern style. In houses of Fachwerk style, you may implement any finishing design.

fakhverkovoye zdaniye

     Rigidity and strength of the Fachwerk house framework is the result of using various and precise joints, "hidden" end-journal, swallow tail, various cut-ins, various coggins, wooden dowels, metal joining elements, etc.
     In a Fachwerk house, filling between beams bear no load. It may be removed and replaced with an opening or window. The entire structure is supported by columns, not walls!

     The main advantages of our Fachwerk house are as follows:

- they allow to create architecture of any form. The frame takes just 10 % of the construction volume and provides 100 % of the house strength;

- peculiar, unusual design;

- as opposed to houses of fresh wood lumbers, Fachwerk houses do not shrink. This allows immediately, after installation of the frame, to commence finishing interiors;

- they are durable, as has been confirmed by practice;

- they are strong and so built in seismic regions. They are especially popular in Japan;

- Fachwerk houses allow open planning. Since their walls bear no load, the entire façade may be glazed;

- Fachwerk houses allow any reconstruction, making new window openings, removing the old ones, changing outer coating;

- Fachwerk houses are built quickly. For turnkey erection of a house, our specialists require 4 to 6 months;

- Fachwerk is a technology of high environmental safety bringing no harm for human health;

- lightness of Fachwerk structures is what decreases considerably ground loads allowing to use more economic types of foundations;

- Fachwerk structure components are factory-made, which allows to build a house faster while guaranteeing high quality;

- using modern heat insulations and glass packs with energy saving coating allows to reduce heat loss and thus expenses for house heating in winter and air conditioning in summer;

- using glued wooden glued beams allows to overlap large spans;

- frameless glazing may be used. Openings for glass packs are milled out in elements of Fachwerk structure (beams) thus providing economy on window frames;

- upon your wish, some cottage roof elements may be made of glass, too, to enhance illumination. Your house will always be comfortably lighted.