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sistema stropilnoy konstruktsiiDerevyannyye-stropilnyye sistemy

     The frame of a roof is its main element. That is why it must be made with due quality and of due materials, in order to:

1. bear design loads;

2. have even both upper and lower surfaces for ensuring proper roof mounting and for suspending ceiling and roof overhangs;

3. prevent roof frame distortion in the course of using the house.

     Our company, ART PAK LLC, uses a modern approach to the roof arrangement. All the components of roof frames:

1. are made of quality dried wood of 8 to 12 % humidity excluding any distortion;

2. are milled over four planes ensuring exact section dimensions;

3. parts of length over four meters and large cross sections are made of wood glued along and face-to-face with defect correction;

4. they are factory-made according to work papers ensuring precision of execution requiring no trimming at assembling.