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     Both builders and users were not satisfied with building houses of raw wood (rounded logs, hewn or milled beams). The material would crack (providing places for microorganisms and insects destroying wood) and cast (breaking wall tightness). Such a house, in the course of its use, would need filling cracks and renewing wood protection coating, restoring wall tightness by filling gaps between log rows. This required permanent additional expenses and time from the house owner. Naturally, the house appearance was not too attractive. Such houses are still built, as we believe, because of erroneous assessment of imaginary cheapness of raw logs or lumbers.

     In order to get rid of those disadvantages of raw wood, a new industry has developed in the world, building wooden houses of glued lumbers. Scientific research institutes developed the wood gluing technology. Industrial engineers organized, in short terms, production of a wide range of various equipment for manufacturing glued lumbers, glue manufacturers developed special environmentally safe, durable, chemical, temperature, and UV resistant glue systems. Wooden house building professionals would not create so much additional problems for themselves if they have been satisfied with quality of solid wood.

     Along with development of wood protection means and paint-and-lacquer materials, a breakthrough has occurred in using glued lumbers for building.

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     Wooden houses of glued lumbers offer a number of advantages:

- reduce of operating costs – wooden houses of glued lumbers require no permanent routine maintenance because they are not prone to any lumber deformations, cracking, or distortion since lumbers are made of dried lamels glued together by their lengths and face-to-face.

- increasing house structure rigidness – we produce 12 meter long glued lumbers (maximum length of a raw or not joined ones is up to 6 meters). Our new 12 meter lumbers make it possible to assemble houses using longer components and lumber bonding by shifting their joints in different over-cutting of adjoining log rows. When selecting a manufacturer inquire for length of the lumbers offered!

- insignificant shrinkage – according to the measurements carried out, shrinkage of houses we have built does not exceed 0,5 %. This allows us after building of a house, immediately to commence its finishing and is achieved thanks to:

     • uniform wood humidity of 8 to 12%, the result of controlling drying processes by our specialists;

     • precision lumber profiling, the result of using modern equipment;

     • observing requirements of wooden house assembling technology, the result of skills of our assembling teams and use of professional tools and fixtures;

- high heat insulation properties – as compared with solid wood, our wall assembling is more tight, while using compactors between log rows and in corner joints – natural (flax linen) or synthetic (self-adhesive) – allow no blowing-through or breaking house tightness. Quality corner joint over-cutting with "wind locks" and lumber profile with a water drip preventing penetration of moisture inside the wall are also important;

- prompt assembling of the house at the sight – based on the working drawings, house components are manufactured of high readiness for assembling, with all parts numbered for the assembling team, based on the assembly drawings provided, to assemble the structure;

- requiring no massive foundation – like in the entire wooden house building business, houses of glued lumbers are several times lighter as compared with other widely used building materials;

- elegant and attractive appearance – precisely profiled lumbers provide plane wall surface; polishing these surfaces before painting and quality application of paint-and-lacquer materials provide neat, modern, and complete appearance both in and outside;

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- environmental safety – thanks to intrinsic property of wood to absorb excessive moisture from air and to return it into dry environment, thus creating favorable climate inside the house. An important factor when selecting material for a house is healthiness of pine wood.