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     ART PAK LLC company offers the following products for export:

1. Kits for building wooden houses, public or industrial buildings of glued lumbers, according to projects. Complete or adjustable combinations:
• walls
• columns
• tie beams
• roof frame components
• non-rectangular (shaped) building architecture elements
• ceiling panels
• floor boards
• lumber imitation
• skirting boards
• ceiling cornice
• window and door casing
• other boards, strips, or rods
• fastening and compacting elements;

2. Glued wooden bridging beams of maximum dimensions: 0.25 m thick, 1.2 m wide, and 12 m long;

3. Wide-span glued wooden structures according to drawings provided;

4. Kits for Fachwerk buildings and structures;

5. RUF fuel pellets.

     For product export, all the necessary shipping documents are provided:

- contract;
- invoice;
- transport documents (CMR, TIR)
- certificate of the wood origin;
- radiological control;
- phytosanitary certificate.

     Products are delivered processed with antiseptics, parts are labeled, packed in transport packages weighing up to 4 tons, with marking lists enclosed. Film with UV protection is used for packaging.