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     ART PAK LLC is a manufacturer of glued wooden products of the following maximal dimensions: 0.25 m thick, 1.2 m wide, and 12 m long for: - bearing structures (floor beams, bearing structures of large-span buildings, Fachwerk structure details, frames of roofs, etc.); - wooden building walls (glued wall blocks, columns); - non-rectangular (shaped) architectural building elements; - moldings (ceiling panels, floor boards, beam imitation, skirt boards, ceiling cornice, window or door cases, etc.) for assembling houses.

     Production targets are formed based on design work papers having been developed by our professionals using specialized design software for wooden house building, Dietrich's (Germany) and К3-Cottage (Russia)

     The production facility area is 3000 m2.

     The facility complies with all the requirements imposed by the European Standard, EN386/1995, Glued Laminated Wood (GLW) – Requirements to Performance Characteristics and Minimal Requirements to manufacturing.


The company uses complete production cycle:

proizvodstvo kleyenogo brusa


1. Primary Round Log Sawing

Round bold timber (pine) is purchased from state lumbering companies in Rivne Region, Ukraine, with all required certificates;

raspilovka drevesiny


2. Drying Wood

Sushka drevesiny

     The operation is performed with automatic drying chambers of 400 м3 total single load. The chambers are controlled using a computer with a drying diagram saved and, where appropriate, printed;


3. Manufacture of Glued Laminated Wood

     Wooden glued structures are joined along with a "mini-end-journal", 16 mm long and with 3.8 mm pitch, used for production of bearing elements for buildings and glued face-to-face. For gluing wood, Sweden glue system, Casco Adhesives AB Akzo Nobel NV, is used having all European environmental safety certificates and those allowing its use for bearing structures. Examples of the system pass quality tests in laboratories of Akzo Nobel company showing their compliance with EN386 requirements for delamination indicator under the EN391В (GOST 27812-2005) test method.

     Lumbers are glued of lamels oriented by wood structure:

a) glued together are lamels with opposite wood fiber directions.

b) the lamel side having more dense structure is directed to the outside of the lumber;


4. Glued Lumber Mechanical Processing Workshop

profilirovaniye kleyenogo brusa


     Wall lumber of cross sections:

- maximum: 250х250(h) mm

- standard: 200х204(h) mm (including 192 mm of a visible part)

     The lumber profile allows filling with natural (flax linen) or synthetic (Illbruck, Germany) compactor.

     The company performs tenoning of wooden structure joints, for both classic wooden structures, with over-cutting (corner joints with "wind locks") and various complex tenonings used in the Fachwerk technology.

     The shaped glued lumber quality complies with requirements of the StADD 4.1 – 2011 standard (Wooden House Building Association of Russia), Log and Lumber Houses Built Using Industrial Methods, and the Finnish HTT RU 3/2001 Hirsitaloteollissus, Wooden House Quality Requirements. (Sorry, I could not transliterate correctly the Finnish standard Cyrillic designation into the Roman alphabet – translator's remark).


5. Timber Preservation

     The manufacture process includes product antiseptic processing depending on production and mounting season, environments various surfaces are to withstand (external, internal, etc.), Customer wishes (fire-retardant processing, etc.). For lumber butts, various protective water repellents are used.

     For wooden house finishing, we recommend to use time-proved paint-and-lacquer products of such companies as Adler (Austria), Sikkens and Remmers (Germany), Tikkurila and Teknos (Finland).


6. Packaging

     Products are packed in transport packages taking into account vehicle dimensions. A package may weigh up to four tons, a forklift truck or a crane may be used for its unloading. Polyethylene film with a UV filter is used for packaging.

upakovka kleyenogo brusa


7. Auxiliary Equipment

      Having sharpening equipment of our own allows us to promptly provide quality tools for our production facilities.

     An aspiration system of over 50 thou. cub. m per hour capacity ensures chip removal, air filtration and recycling.

     The boiling equipment of our own is used to support required temperature conditions in drying chambers and work floors.

     Remaining dry wastes are recycled to get RUF fuel pellets much demanded in the situation of permanent energy resource price growth.